Casino Night 2017


Save The Date: September 8, 2017
The Long Beach Bar Association in conjunction with the Long Beach Bar Foundation proudly presents: Casino Night at Los Alamitos Race Course!
Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Horse Racing, a Silent Auction and More! Winners are exchanged for Raffle Tickets.
Contact LBBA Executive Director at (562) 988-6444 or You can also contact Carolyn Bell at (562) 981-7525 or
Proceeds to Benefit the SHORTSTOP Juvenile Crime Diversion Program.

SHORTSTOP Casino Night $90 - $110


SHORTSTOP Casino Night Sponsor Levels $350 - $2,500


Your generous donation can help support the work of our Foundation.
Select a program below to make a donation.


Your donation will help support the work of our program as we seek to "help youth stop short of crime." SHORTSTOP's objective is to intervene in the lives of at-risk youth at a critical point in their lives ­ when violence or crime have already led them to an encounter with the court system, but before they break the law as adults.


JAM Program

The Juvenile Anger Management Program (JAM) is specifically designed to teach at-risk and underserved youth how to recognize anger and express it appropriately, therefore eliminating a root cause of youth violence. Your donation can help youth see the brighter side of life while channeling their emotions into positive energy in today's community. A donation of $50 can help one family complete the JAM Program (juvenile and parent). The more you donate, the more families you can serve!

Counseling Program

The Long Beach Bar Foundation also has a Counseling Program for SHORTSTOP students and parents. Our family counselors employ a cognitive behavioral treatment approach in working with juveniles and their parents. Also, they assist families in accessing additional resources that they may need. As the families of many juvenile offenders have multiple challenges including poor parenting skills, poverty, violence and unemployment, families will be offered assistance with finding and utilizing additional community resources. A donation of $50 can help one juvenile and his/her family complete up to 10 counseling sessions, allowing all to see the brighter side of life. Do your part and help support the LBBF Counseling Program today!

Scholarship Fund

Dream. Achieve. Elevate. SHORTSTOP not only Helps Youth Stop Short Of Crime, but gives youth the green light to achieve success in the classroom and in life. The Long Beach Bar Foundation administers the Long Beach Bar Association's Scholarship Fund that award scholarships to high achieving, college-bound high school students from across Long Beach in order to make their financial burdens more manageable. This is one of the many ways LBBF helps in giving back to our community. LBBA is celebrating its Centennial Anniversary in 2017 and has awarded scholarships for the past six decades. We want you to be a part of history. Consider making a donation to the LBBA Scholarship Fund now!



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