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The Long Beach Bar Foundation (LBBF) was established in 1994 and has provided high quality social service programs for low-income, under-served, and at-risk youth and their parents for over 20 years. The mission and goal of LBBF is "to strengthen the youth of the greater Long Beach community through juvenile crime prevention, intervention, legal education, and scholarship programs." LBBF's core program is the Shortstop Juvenile Crime Diversion Program, or Shortstop. LBBF has operated the Shortstop program since the organization's inception. Shortstop's objective is to intervene in the lives of at-risk youth at a critical point in their lives ­ when violence or crime have already led them to an encounter with the court system, but before they break the law as adults.

The SHORTSTOP program is an ongoing annual Program where first-time juvenile offenders between the ages 10-17 and their parents attend two intensive, highly interactive 3-hour sessions in the realistic setting of a Long Beach courtroom. Classes are taught by volunteer attorneys who are trained in the SHORTSTOP program model and by paid professional program staff. During session one, the focus is on the circumstances that brought the young person to the program. Parents/guardians are required to attend. Participants also hear from volunteers who have recently been released from juvenile hall, camps or the Juvenile Justice System.

At the end of session one, the participants are given homework that must be completed when they return in two weeks for session two. The assignments focus on improving communication in the home, victim awareness and empathy. During session two, instructors meet with the youth and their parents to discuss the homework assignments. Near the end of session two, parents and youth are reunited for a graduation ceremony that highlights the positives in their family relationships and in the juveniles themselves. The cost for the program is $125.00 for both sessions. If the juvenile and their family are not able to pay the full amount of the program cost, we can work with them on a payment plan. A juvenile need not be from Long Beach to participate in the program.
If you are interested in enrolling an at risk youth in the SHORTSTOP Program please contact the SHORTSTOP office at 562-981-7525 and ask about enrolling.



The SHORTSTOP Program gives young offenders who successfully complete the program an opportunity to make amends for their offense and avoid a juvenile criminal record that can seriously impact their lives. Equally important, SHORTSTOP recognizes that delinquent behavior in many cases could be prevented if parents had the proper skills to address the frustration behind the delinquent behavior. Using best practices such as Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive Restructuring and Reality Therapy, counselors are dedicated to helping young people develop positive relationships, enhance their level of confidence, build self-esteem and better control and manage their behavior. By offering our family counseling services, SHORTSTOP can help those families that need better coping skills and help to create a healthier family environment.

The counseling sessions take place at the Long Beach Bar Foundation Office. Students who participate in this program will benefit from being given a second chance to avoid a juvenile record, learning the consequences of delinquent behavior, gain positive decision-making skills; improve their self-image, self-esteem and most importantly families will have the opportunity to build a stronger family unit. Individual counseling sessions are at a price you can afford. Visit our front page for more details.


Dream. Achieve. Elevate. SHORTSTOP not only Helps Youth Stop Short Of Crime, but gives youth the green light to achieve success in the classroom and in life. The Long Beach Bar Foundation administers the Long Beach Bar Association's Scholarship Fund that award scholarships to high achieving, college-bound high school students from across Long Beach in order to make their financial burdens more manageable. This is one of the many ways LBBF helps in giving back to our community. LBBA is celebrating its Centennial Anniversary in 2017 and has awarded scholarships for the past six decades. We want you to be a part of history. Consider making a donation to the LBBA Scholarship Fund now!

We want to salute our sponsors: Evelyn M. Bauer Foundation, Farmers & Merchants Bank & Trust Company, Keesal Young & Logan, Skip Keesal, Windes, Vern & Trish Schooley, and Frank & Margie Newell.

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JEM PROGRAM- SHORTSTOP and Operation Jumpstart collaborate!

The Juvenile Emotional Management Program (JEM) is specifically designed to teach at-risk and underserved youth how to recognize anger and express it appropriately, therefore eliminating a root cause of youth violence.

Even when not culminating in violence, the inappropriate expression of anger can create life-altering consequences, such as expulsion from school or college, loss of employment, or isolation from family and friends.

By teaching anger management skills to youth, JEM is positioned to prevent youth violence rather than responding to it, to empower youth to model non-violent means of self-expression for siblings and peers, and to ultimately grow into peaceful leaders of their own families and communities.

As a supplement to JAM, the Why Try Curriculum (WT) teaches youth how to build and maintain resiliency in the face of obstacles such as poverty, difficult family situations and learning disabilities. WT further supports youth by teaching a variety of emotional and life skills that lead to academic and career success, such as goal setting and follow-through, decision making, personal responsibility, consequential and "big picture" thinking.

When offered together via 8-week sessions, these two programs will be positioned to provide for at-risk youth a more robust and rounded education in life management, teaching them that they have the power to exert enough control over their circumstances to change their lives for the better.

When offered together via 8-week sessions, these two programs will be positioned to provide for at-risk youth a more robust and rounded education in life management, teaching them that they have the power to exert enough control over their circumstances to change their lives for the better. Visit our front page to pick a JEM package plan that's right for you!

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