Volunteers Needed

What you can do to help us to help our youth... with your volunteer efforts in the SHORTSTOP PROGRAM or helping us organize and participating in FUNDRAISING EVENTS.

Attorneys who volunteer their time teach all SHORTSTOP classes. Other professionals in the community volunteer to be interviewed by SHORTSTOP youth as part of the homework assignments. These valuable volunteers are the heart of the SHORTSTOP Program, devoting over 1000 hours annually in order to make a difference in the lives of young people.

  • We Need ATTORNEYS and others in the
    Juvenile Justice field to teach SHORTSTOP classes*
  • We Need Business People and Professionals to be
    interviewed by juveniles in the SHORTSTOP program
  • We Need College Level Interns to assist with SHORTSTOP classes
  • We Need Counselors to counsel families, individuals and youth with anger issues
  • We Need Experienced Marketing Professionals to help promote our organization and programs

"Why do I volunteer to instruct for SHORTSTOP? I'm a criminal defense attorney and I'm tired of seeing young people throw their lives away. Through SHORTSTOP I can help kids turn their lives around."
--SHORTSTOP Volunteer

Please Call us at 562 981-7525

*Somos especialmente adentro necesidad de voluntarios de enseņar clases en espaņol.

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